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by Natasha Wolff | August 20, 2020 11:30 am

Marram[1], a new luxury boutique resort hotel in Montauk boasts 96 guest rooms, a beachy cafe, a surf program and other amenities all inspired by the beach town of Jose Ignacio in Uruguay. “Marram combines the best of both worlds: the nature that makes Montauk unique and the culture that put it on the map,” Bridgeton founder Atit Jariwala says of the property, which is on the ocean but within walking distance to town. In the mostly oceanfront guest rooms, the internal design team along the firm Studio Tack utilized white oak ceilings and hand-troweled plaster walls to create warmth, bronzed hardware to instill a sunbaked feel and simple jute rugs to soften the spaces. “The ocean is your fourth wall here,” says Jariwala. “We wanted guests to feel that they could transition effortlessly from the beach to their rooms.”

We spoke with Jariwala about the property and what makes it so special.

What’s the most requested room at the property? 

There are two rooms that tie for this honor: Room 112 which is a ground floor Courtyard King room which happens to have a partial view of the ocean (especially popular with surfers). The other is Room 201, which is a second floor Corner Beachfront King Room. Our beachfront king rooms directly face the Atlantic Ocean and feature beautiful, unobstructed vista views directly on top of the beach. Room 201 has an extra side window facing west that is often filled with the colorful skies at dusk.

Courtyard King Room (photo credit: Read McKendree)

What makes it so special?

These rooms are meant to be an oasis. After all, you’re on the beach. White oak ceilings create warmth and allude to the raw weathered driftwood and pines found in Montauk[2]. The hand-troweled plaster walls were inspired by trips to Marrakech[3]. The floors are poured concrete to provide our guests the feeling of hard-packed sand that you can walk directly in from the pool or beach. Mahogany railings and bronzed hardware instill a sunbaked feel where simple rustic jute rugs and Frette linens and towels soften the interiors while adding a level of comfort.

What is the nightly rate for this room? 

Courtyard King rooms start at $865 in peak season (summer months) and $405 off season.

Lobby of Marram (photo credit: Read McKendree)

What’s your favorite design element on property?

There is nothing as good as sliding your bedroom doors wide open and listening to the waves crashing yards from your pillow. These sensory signals to relax and unwind and listen to the ocean were really important to us.

What’s an interesting tidbit about the hotel that speaks to its status as an icon?

What excites me most about Marram is the immediate ease I feel when I’m on property[4]. Walking down the pathway towards the pool and ocean, you see the Atlantic horizon opening up before you. From your bed, you hear the crashing waves and an occasional seagull. You’re immersed in a landscape that feels at ease. The attitude here is very supportive of that, whether you’re eating at Mostrador[5] with your feet buried in the sand or perched on the worn wood deck for a morning surf check.

Exterior of Marram (photo credit: Read McKendree)

What’s your personal favorite room?

My personal favorite room is 264—an Oceanview King room.


This cozy room is perfect for an intimate getaway. Perched above our sandy fire pit patio with views of the pool, ocean and cafe areas, guests have a panoramic view from their private balcony.

Beachfront Room (photo credit: Read McKendree)

What special perk or amenity do you offer that no one knows about?

Complimentary meditation sessions.

How about one more fun fact about the property? 

The entire hotel is elevated about 15 feet from the beach which allows beach and ocean views from nearly every angle of the property. That view, sound and the serenity that collectively brings, is really the main magic of Marram.

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