Roman and Williams For Waterworks

by Natasha Wolff | September 28, 2012 12:00 pm

If you’ve ever wandered into The Ace[1], New York’s premier hipster hotel, or danced in The Standard[2]’s swanky Boom Boom Room, then you’ve seen and felt the Roman and Williams[3] vibe. Helmed by married couple Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, the design firm doesn’t only have its name on the city’s most sought after spaces, but is now aiming to bring its innovative and undeniably cool aesthetic to your home.

Roman and Williams has teamed up with Waterworks[4] for a collection called R.W. Atlas Fittings and District Tile[5]. Together they’ve created 20 hues of tile and 30 styles of bath fixtures, accessories, and fittings, made mostly from brass but including burnished nickel and carbon as well. As Standefer explains, “R.W. Atlas is part of our ongoing interest in embracing the idea of American utility, but imbuing that with a sense of glamour and sophistication.”

She continues, “The result is a wonderful sense of tension—between the masculine and the feminine, the industrial and the sensual, the familiar and the new.”

That strong mix of old and new is something at which Roman and Williams excels. For some of the designers’ projects, they’ve even combined luxe materials with items like vintage microscopes, pieces of a vintage Leica [6]camera, and old Rolex[7] parts. Their work is thoughtful and distinct, with a bold sensibility that is especially evident in R.W. Atlas and District Tile.

Who knew fittings and fixtures could be so covetable?  


Photos: Courtesy of Waterworks 

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