How Sweet It Is

by Natasha Wolff | November 14, 2014 11:09 am

Calling all candy fanatics! London chocolatier Prestat[1] launched a winter collection at Bloomingdale’s[2] chock-full of tasty treats just in time for the holidays. The renowned sweets company, established in London in 1902, created the original recipe for the chocolate truffle in Chambery, France in 1895. 

“It’s a hell of a claim,” said Prestat co-owner Nick Crean. “But it has never been challenged, so let’s just stick with it.”

Prestat’s truffles are so legendary that they inspired the great Roald Dahl in his writing of fan-favorite Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl’s novel My Uncle Oswald is dedicated to Prestat, where he is quoted saying “I do so adore chocolate truffles as Prestat makes them.” The company also boasts a long-standing (and undoubtedly sweet) relationship with Her Majesty The Queen of England, a frequent customer who bestowed her royal stamp of approval over the coveted confections.

Assortment of chocolate truffles

Assortment of chocolate truffles

“We’re incredibly proud that we are the official chocolate supplier to the Queen,” said Crean. “That’s a great sort of tick in the world of England. We’ve had her warrant for 35 years and it is a sign of quality, consistency and, believe it or not, value for money. Although my mother keeps saying we are incredibly expensive!” 

The holiday collection includes truffles in hazelnut praline, red velvet, dark sea salt and caramel (the winner of two great taste awards) and pink Marc de Champagne flavors, as well as chocolate wafer thins in caramel and sea salt and English mint varieties. Also available are Prestat ‘Baubles,’ as they’re called in England, or Christmas tree decorations filled with chocolate.

The must-try delights will be available at select Bloomingdale’s locations nationwide through December. 

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