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by Natasha Wolff | June 21, 2018 11:00 am

In a typical workday, you’ll find Paul Chevalier[1] jetting off to a fabulous event like the Nantucket Wine & Food Festival or the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen[2] to spread the word about Whispering Angel[3], the widely popular rosé under the Château D’Esclans[4] portfolio that has not only taken over Instagram, but seems to have taken over the world. This theory was solidified in New York City this past winter; Whispering Angel was nowhere to be found on store shelves—it was so popular during summer, the island of Manhattan nearly ran out of it.

The rosé phenomenon has risen quite dramatically in recent years with the launch of wines that are redefining the stigma associated with rosés in general. Rosés of the past were always identified as sweet, sugary, syrupy wines, but today’s varietals couldn’t be farther from that. “When rosés from Provence[5] finally became available in the U.S., we evolved from the old generation U.S. rosés which were mostly the sweet/blush style to something bone dry,” says Chevalier. “The overall quality of rosé production (specifically from Provence) dramatically improved through investment in winemaking technology. We went from ‘cheap and cheerful’ to producing good wine.”

Which is perhaps the reason why rosé clientele is changing. “It’s no longer more female driven, but almost an even split male/female; definitely the chic and discerning wine consumer.”

Meet The Palm by Whispering Angel

Courtesy of Whispering Angel (The Palm)

The makers of iconic Provence wines Rock Angel and Garrus, Château D’Esclans has just released The Palm[6], a gorgeous rosé that offers a bright and crisp flavor with a smooth finish. The winery’s Paul Chevalier hosted the vintage’s debut at NYC’s The Seville with 300 tastemakers in attendance. The Instagram-friendly bottles, which feature a picturesque label illustrated with palm trees and stylish blush hues, are now available nationwide—just pull the cork and be transported to your dream Provençal vacation spot at first sip.

Main Photo by Joy Asico/Asicophoto

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