Obsession DuJour: Skiing in Jay Peak, Vermont

by Natasha Wolff | January 30, 2017 11:30 am

Millennial trends aren’t usually flattering, but here’s one I appreciate: My generation places an importance on experiences versus material goods. IRL, it’s all for the Instagram or the Snap, never for the souvenir (although, as a note: I’ll still accept one). So when I think of something that I’m completely obsessed with, what more of a timely experience to recommend than that of one snow-filled, wintery ski trip? An endeavor I rave about, complete with cozy cabins and hot toddies. I recently visited Vermont’s Jay Peak[1] and can’t get enough of it.

It isn’t so much that I love the inevitable tumble or two down the mountain. It also isn’t that pleasant to escape the New York chill only to find that you’ve successfully immersed yourself in an even colder, sub-zero environment. A winter ski trip isn’t at all comparable to sipping rosé on a sandy beach, but that’s exactly the point. Once you’ve gotten over the sharp bite of cold, or the never-ending drip of snot (sorry for that image) as you fly down a perfectly carved mountain, a day on the mountain won’t be a lazy day at the beach. Instead, you’ll have a weekend hopefully filled with fresh fallen powder, toasty fireplaces, and the feeling that you’ve truly embraced the winter season.

Tucked away in Vermont’s Green Mountains and sandwiched in between the Village of Jay and Montgomery Center, the mountain is close enough to the Canadian border that most locals speak Canadian French. The surrounding town feels like you’ve stepped a decade into the past, or better yet, into another world, with one lone gas station situated next to one of the few supermarkets (which boasts local cheeses and wine, yes). But don’t underestimate its remoteness for offering anything but exceptional fare. To top off a day of skiing make a point to say hello to Executive Chef Nelson Cognac who is at the helm of Big Jay Tavern, and who will personally deliver the food to your table – especially if you’re ordering the trout at 1:30 in the morning. 

Photo credit: Instagram.com[2]

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