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Drink DuJour: Night Marcher

Be prepared for an unexpected (and amazing) flavor combination

Putting sriracha, fish sauce and kaffir lime leaf into a cocktail may not be standard at most joints, but at the sexy subterranean Midnight Rambler it’s all the rage to blend unconventional flavors—in fact, this bold brew is received with overwhelming fanfare by the most adventurous of palettes.

Master bartenders Chad Solomon and Christy Pope—with stints at Pegu Club, Milk & Honey and the Bryant Park Hotel between them—are the brains behind all of the crafty spirits served at the crowd-pleasing hotspot beneath The Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas. The talented duo have fused their genius into a cocktail program that’s not to be missed.

“The Night Marcher is a whimsical take on Don the Beachcomber’s Zombie cocktail, blending two different kinds of rum and layering different liqueurs and spices,” says Solomon. “It offers a tropical escapism in the middle of winter.”

Ready to give it a try at home? Here’s the recipe.


Night Marcher

0.75 oz Freshly squeezed lime juice
0.25 oz Demerara syrup
1 oz Ginger syrup
0.5 oz Green Chartreuse
0.5 oz Lemon Hart 151 Rum
2 oz La Favorite Agricole Blanc Rhum
2 Dashes angostura bitters
1/8 tsp Sriracha blend (kaffir lime leaf, fish sauce, sriracha)
2 Drops of saline mineral solution 

Fill glass with pellet ice. Garnish with lime wedge and aromatic essence (jasmine, nutmeg and ginger).