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by Natasha Wolff | January 9, 2014 9:47 am

Just steps away from Athens’ historic Syntagma Square, Greek tradition and modern design collide at the 79-room New Hotel[1]. The property—built in 1958—was previously home to the Olympic Palace Hotel but underwent a much-needed makeover in 2011 when it re-opened under its current name. The hotel’s designers took incredible measures to preserve the historic property during its reconstruction in unexpected ways: Guests find pops of contemporary pieces from artists like Jack Pierson, Douglas Gordon and Jenny Holzer mixed in with old materials from the Olympic Palace. Below, the New Hotel’s manager Dimitris Valyrakis shares his insight into the property’s most requested room.

Most requested room in the hotel:

“Our most requested rooms are our studios with an Athens city view.”

What makes it special:

“The innovative design concept was created by the eclectic Brazilian duo Humberto and Fernando Campana, who joined forces with 20 young architects from Greece’s University of Thessaly. Our studios are inspired by three themes referring to local tradition. Karagiozis, known as the Greek shadow theater; the Evil eye, a protection of bad luck; and postcards, illustrating photos of old Athens. The luxury interiors include upcycled furniture, the Campana’s iconic favela chair and floor to ceiling windows leading to a balcony with city view that creates a majestic experience.”

Your personal favorite:

“Even though all of our rooms are unique, I would have to say that our 7th floor Penthouse suite.”


“It has 3600 breathtaking views of Athens. The terrace’s stunning view—which overlooks the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill—is a majestic scenery for our guests to enjoy the unforgettable experience of a private dinner. Plus, world-reknowned contemporary art originals contribute to the suite’s uniqueness.”

Celebrity guests:

“We’ve had the pleasure and honor to accommodate politicians, global CEOs, musicians and famous artists from all over the world.”

The rate:

“The average rate for our studios is 265 Euros and our Penthouse suite is 2,000 euros per night.”

Fun fact:

“The New Hotel[2] is an exemplary case of conscientious architecture: the Campana Brothers did their best to preserve and incorporate key elements of the previous structure, first designed in the 1950s. Local craftsmen, designers and architects educated the two brothers on various facets of Greek culture, which they implemented into the hotel’s luxury interiors. Corridors and communal spaces are dotted with some contemporary art, featuring works by Jack Pierson, Douglas Gordon, Laurie Anderson and Jenny Holzer.”

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