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Drink DuJour: Anderson Old Fashioned

Toast to National Bourbon Month with a sweetly nostalgic New Orleans cocktail

First things first, for the bourbon novices out there, bourbon is a whiskey but not all whiskeys are bourbon. As for National Bourbon Month, I couldn’t tell you why it falls in September. But, it is September and we prefer to celebrate the great American native spirit with a good old fashioned Old Fashioned.

Although we won’t be headed to Kentucky, the native land of bourbon (about 95% of the spirit is made in Kentucky), we’re headed to its Southern neighbor: New Orleans. Bourbon Madam’s Modern Kitchen + Bar, located on the famed Canal Street, evokes long-past nostalgia being situated in what was once known as the country’s first legal red-light district. With an industrial chic update and roots tied to its past, the intimate space is painted with fishnet-like curtains, features marble tabletops and slate grey flooring, leaving patrons with the intrigue of who Madam once was. We suggest trying the Anderson Old Fashioned for a traditional cocktail with an off-beat sweet twist.

Catering to the essence of nostalgia, the bourbon used is Old Forester, the first known sealed bourbon in a bottle. One of the most well-known cocktails around the world, the Old Fashioned typically combines sugar with the other ingredients, whether it’s a muddled sugar cube or simple syrup. The Anderson Old Fashioned takes a bit more time and effort (but well worth it) to develop a Cracker Jack reduction that is added to the concoction. Following the combination of all ingredients, stir and strain over one extra large ice cube in a rocks glass. With traditional Old Fashioned etiquette, express the orange peel for aroma and indulge in Bourbon Madam’s Modern Kitchen’s Anderson Old Fashioned.

See below for the full recipe and preparation to make this indulgence at home for the remainder of National Bourbon Month.

2 oz Old Forester Bourbon
.5 oz Cracker Jack Reduction*
2 dashes Orange Bitters
2 dashes Angostura

Preparation: Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass. Stir and strain into a rocks glass over a two inch King Cube. Express an orange peel and discard. Garnish with three caramel popcorns skewered.

*Cracker Jack Reduction:
1 Quart Sugar
1 Quart Water
2 Cups Cracker Jacks Popcorn
Pinch of Salt

Preparation: Pour water into a pot and bring to a boil. Once at boiling point, add sugar. Once Sugar has dissolved, bring syrup to a simmer. Add Cracker Jacks and a pinch of salt to the mix and let simmer for 30-35 minutes. Taste throughout and finish with a strain and refrigeration.

Photo Courtesy of Bourbon Madam’s Modern Kitchen + Bar