Drink DuJour: Melon Mojito

by Natasha Wolff | April 15, 2016 12:50 pm

A hidden entrance in an active pawnshop leads you into Beauty & Essex[1], a glamorous Lower East Side hotspot with upscale cocktails[2]. The restaurant expertly pairs charming ‘60s décor with innovative food and drinks, like the refreshing Melon Mojito. 

“This is a mean mojito. It is all alcohol, with only minor portions of citrus and sugar,” explains bartender Jason Dyer. “The final product is perfectly balanced, and the cava and bitters put it over the top. The drink never lets up. Even as it softens, all the flavors maintain from the top of the glass to the very last sip.”


1 oz. Brugal Silver Rum
½ oz. Real McCoy 12-Year Rum
¾ oz. Melon puree 
½ oz. Lemon simple syrup
½ oz. Fresh lime juice
Muddled mint 
Top with Cava

Tear five to six mint leaves and drop them into the bottom of a highball glass. Add ingredients and ice. Shake until the mint leaves are mixed amongst the ice. Top with cava and two dashes of bitters. 

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