Discover Martha’s Vineyard With Julia LeClair

by Natasha Wolff | August 18, 2022 3:26 pm

Julia LeClair[1] has been coming to the Vineyard for as long as she can remember. Spending summers up-island in Squibnocket has been a family getaway from the hustle and bustle of New York City, and the entrepreneur is grateful to get away. “Whenever I arrive, I feel like I have escaped from reality,” she explains. “The island is incredibly beautiful in so many ways. I love that each area is different and has its own vibe. Up island is more of a laid-back escape and down island you have great shopping and restaurants. My mother and I used to joke that we have our Chilmark wardrobe and our Edgartown wardrobe and the two are so different.” LeClair brings her two children, Chloe, 4, and Charlie, 2, to spend summers and off-season weekends at the house she grew up in. “All of my favorite memories of my childhood are from this island and I can’t wait to be able to create similar memories for my children.” When she’s not playing golf and tennis, LeClair[2] is happy just chilling at the beach or pool and cooking meals at home. “Everything slows down out here and I have much more time to take in these moments[3] compared to the school year in New York City where we are always on the go.” Here are some of her favorite local spots.

Julia LeClair and her son Charlie


Squibnocket beach is absolutely beautiful, and I am completely spoiled that it is in my backyard. I love Lucy Vincent Beach as well if you want some people around you. It is also fun to drive your car out on Norton Point; we usually do a sunset BBQ there with friends at least once a summer.


If you have kids, you have to take them to the Flying Horses Carousel in Oak Bluffs[4]: it’s the nation’s oldest carousel. Grey Barn and Mermaid Farm are both my favorite farm stands on the island. Nothing beats the cheese from Grey Barn[5] and a lassi from Mermaid Farm[6]. During the week, my daughter attends Art Camp at the Featherstone Center for the Arts[7] and at The Farm Institute[8]—both places are so great for kids and have amazing programs. On Wednesday and Saturdays, it’s fun to visit the Farmer’s Market.


Chilmark Tavern[9], State Road[10], Atria[11] and The Covington[12]. For kids, nothing beats Nomans[13]. The food and drinks are great for adults and the kids are entertained for hours.

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