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Mario Batali, Marcus Samuelsson, and Other Top Toques Answer: “What’s On Your Thanksgiving Sandwich?”

Stuffing with sriracha, pecans from the pie, jalapeno slaw, a fried egg—their answers are all different and delicious

“My favorite thing is, and I don’t mind saying it, I’ll put all of the sides on, and I might not even put the turkey on it. I’m happy to just have a stuffing sandwich with a little cranberry and sriracha. The combination is so epic.” — Mario Batali, Babbo, Del Posto, New York

“I do a turkey terrine sandwich. I use one of those take out plastic containers from the deli, pack down the leftover turkey and really squeeze it in there, put it in the fridge overnight, and then the next day, un-mold it and you have this awesome turkey terrine. Which is pretty fancy. Then I slice it and make a sandwich out of it.” — Richard Blais, HD1, Atlanta 

“Pickles. I’m Swedish, after all.” — Marcus Sameulsson, Red Rooster Harlem, New York

“I’ll do Buffalo turkey quesadillas. It’s good football food. I take the turkey and chop it up, mix it with buffalo sauce and cheese and make quesadillas out of it with blue cheese dipping sauce.” — Katie Lee

“Leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving. Turkey sandwiches are always great, but I’m also really into leftover turkey tacos and I’ll make a spicy cranberry chutney from the leftover cranberry sauce to go with them.” — Todd English, The Plaza Food Hall By Todd English, New York

Jalapeno slaw and avocado.” — Victor La Placa, Isola Trattoria & Crudo Bar at Mondrian SoHo, New York

“Mayonnaise first and foremost, but usually there’s no bread. I just dip the turkey bits in mayonnaise like chips and salsa.” — Chris Leahy, Lexington Brass, New York

“I like the white meat cold with cranberries and sprouts, and the dark meat hot with a side of my wife Leslie’s black walnut stuffing.” — John Unwin, CEO, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 

Turkey, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, Dijon mustard and, occasionally, a fried egg.” — Marja Vongerichten of TV’s Kimchi Chronicles.

“Everything goes on the leftover sandwich! There are unquestionably copious amounts of leftovers, no matter how meticulous you plan it out. I love a Dagwood-style open-faced sandwich the day after, especially if there was an unexpected bottle (or two) of great wine poured the night before.” — Matt Corbett, InterContinental New York Times Square

“I take a roll with a firm crust, remove its center and replace it with a thin layer of warm stuffing, then layers of cold sliced breast meat and warmed thigh meat is slathered with a homemade cranberry-mustard, pan-fried onions and finished with a fresh herb salad.” — David Gussin, STK Los Angeles

“Everything, plus spicy pepper and olives to top it off. Serve it with some crinkle-cut chips and leftover onion dip.” — John Greeley, 21 Club, New York

“I’m kind of obsessed with Duke’s Mayonnaise. I usually mix it with some whole-grain mustard and a little leftover cranberry chutney for an awesome leftover sandwich spread.” — Levon Wallace, Proof on Main, Louisville

“I always a make an aioli the day after and then I’ll use some leftover breast or leg to make a salad with crisp lettuce. I’ll sometimes add some wild mushrooms and finish with some pickled vegetables from the preceding harvest.” — Michael Tusk, Quince, San Francisco

“I make a sandwich with whole-grain bread, cranberry sauce, cream cheese, toasted walnuts, turkey and a thin layer of dressing.” — Elizabeth Karmel, Hill Country Chicken, Hill Country Barbecue Market, New York

“Not a big fan of sandwiches. I mix all of the vegetables with herb garganelli.” — Marco Porceddu, Asellina, New York

“The next day, it’s definitely leg meat and stuffing, hot with gravy over it. Nothing else.” — Bill Telepan, Telepan, New York 

“It’s not a sandwich, it’s a stew. The day after Thanksgiving, I shred the turkey, make a light roux, add the turkey, leek, celery, stock, white wine and black-eyed peas and then serve it over rice with hot sauce.” — Erling Wu-Bower, Avec, Chicago 

Pickled vegetables, like carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms and that kind of thing. Something to cut through the richness of the turkey. And fresh cilantro.” — George Mendes, Aldea, New York

“Turkey warmed up in gravy, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and I like to mix a little of the cranberry sauce with mayo. To top it all off, I take the pecan pieces off the top of a slice of pecan pie and add that for a sweet crunch throughout.” — Manuel Trevino, Marble Lane, New York