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Drink DuJour: Marguerite

One of the classic cocktails on offer at Pulitzer’s Bar in Amsterdam

It’s no secret that the canals of Amsterdam have seen it all, from the offbeat to the opulent. This past August, the historic Hotel Pulitzer, a maze of 25 adjoining houses on the Prinsengracht canal, reopened after a massive renovation to reveal a design scheme more stunning and eclectic than ever before. Of course, the hotel’s unique new aesthetic extends into the bar, where timeless comforts abound in the form of soft leather chairs, eye-catching antique books and mirrors and a menu of simple, classic cocktails always made from scratch.

“This recipe is taken from the original Stuart’s Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them that dates back to 1904,” says head bartender Andrei Talapanescu of this mixture. “It was the first written example of what we now call a dry martini. This time honored cocktail fits like a glove in the classic hotel bar that is Pulitzer’s.”

Get the recipe below.


2 oz. Tanqueray No. Ten
1 oz. Noilly Prat
2 dashes Orange bitters


Stir and strain, then garnish with lemon zest.