6 End-of-Summer Yacht Vacations You Can Take Right Now

by Natasha Wolff | August 24, 2017 1:00 pm

Even for the world’s elite, chartering a 25-foot luxury yacht and stocking it with staff, a captain and glasses of flowing rosé is a major undertaking. However, thanks to companies like Uber and Quasar Expeditions, private yacht cruises have never been more convenient. Whether you’re sailing in the Galapagos on Grace Kelly’s honeymoon yacht or cruising through the crystal blue Mediterranean with eight of your closest friends, an end-of-summer yacht jaunt is more accessible than you think.

Croatia with UberBOAT

Forget car hailing. When you’re on the sun-filled coasts of Croatia, why not hail a yacht? This summer[1], the ride-sharing giant launched water taxi service between several Croatian islands for around $82 USD per ride. In addition to incredible views, Uber also offers a party option onboard so you can sip cocktails and mingle as you’re ferried along. The UberBOAT program also been launched in coastal hotspots like Greece, Miami and Dubai for a similar price tag.



Galapagos on Grace

Quasar Expeditions[2] owns and operates M/Y Grace, a Galapagos-based yacht once chartered by Grace Kelly on her honeymoon. The tickets, $5,000 a head, include all meals and activities, gear for snorkeling, and access to the area’s best natural landscapes. The 10-person capacity allows for plenty of one-on-one time with the sea lions on the pristine Galapagos shore, idyllic swims with sea turtles, and the chance to star gaze from the top deck without the crowds of larger ships. And since the yacht isn’t equipped with Wi-Fi or TVs, your experience will be just as unplugged as Kelly’s was.

Greece with The Yacht Week

There’s no better way to survey Greece’s islands than via private yacht. While you may not cover them all with The Yacht Week’s[3] Greece route, the 7-day trip will take you from Athens to some of the archipelago’s most charming towns (Porto Heli, Dokos, Hydra and Spetsis, to name a few). The price per person ranges from $900 to $1300 and for a bit extra, you can commission a private skipper and hostess. On land, you’ll enjoy activities like donkey riding and ATV excursions set against a one-of-a-kind Greek landscape.

The Panama Canal on StarClippers

With its distinctive clipper sails, large masts and 220-guest capacity, StarClippers[4] is not your average cruise liner. For $4,000, you’ll sail down the legendary Panama Canal, stopping in popular Caribbean ports including Barbados, the white-sand beaches of Colombia and the Grand Caymans.

Puerto Rico with Dream Yacht Charters

What can $6,000 get you in Puerto Rico? With the New 47 yacht from Dream Yacht Charters[5], you’ll get a private catamaran, a full crew and skipper and all-inclusive food and beverages. The 7-day itinerary goes from the bustling and colorful capital of San Juan to the breathtaking Isla Palomino. And for more intrepid sailors, the $2,000 self-guided option gives you complete control over where you go and how long you stay in the island’s crystal-clear waters.

The Amazon with Overseas Adventure Travel

With its indigenous villages, vast wildlife and dense flora, few places hold the mystique and mystery of the Amazon rainforest. A trip with Overseas Adventure Travel[6] will take you deep into this protected area on a privately chartered river ship that fits just 24 guests and costs around $3,500 per person. In addition to a few peaceful days sailing down the river, the trip also comes with action-packed treks in and around Lima, Peru and Iquitos – stopping for glimpse at a few remote Amazonian villages.

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