How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

by Natasha Wolff | July 23, 2015 2:21 pm

Caviar & Caviar[1] 
There is perhaps no better way to step up a picnic than by adding caviar. And we love the briny pearls of Sasanian Royal Osetra caviar more than any other. Order yourself a set and it comes with 36 Russian blinis and a mother of pearl spoon for extra-classy enjoyment. 

Get Maine Lobster[2] 
For a special main(e) course, look to Get Maine Lobster’s lobster roll kit. Included is everything you need to make a perfect roll, like two pounds of claw and knuckle meat, split top rolls and a secret spice blend. And this is lobster you can feel good about. Get Maine’s fishermen harvest by trap only, without dragging or diving—a much more responsible, sustainable practice.

The Dessert Club by ChikaLicious[3] 
No picnic is complete without dessert. Luckily, our favorite dessert stop offers their most popular treats to go. Grab a few chewy chocolate chip cookies, a cinnamon butter-filled Bun Chika Bun Bun and a few éclairs and you’ll have a sweet ending to your outdoor feast.   

La Marca Prosecco [4]
When you get thirsty, you’ll need something cold and refreshing. Why not some prosecco? La Marca makes full sized bottles, but we love the small ones, which are ideal for a picnic. They’re quick to ice down—and everyone gets their own bottle.   

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