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Drink DuJour: Love of a Lifethyme

Tequila is for lovers

There’s no one right way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some simply write it off as a Hallmark holiday and ignore it completely. Others may be planning a “Galentine’s” bash to fête their single ladyhood, and still others may plan on sneaking a bottle of wine into Fifty Shades Darker

While being part of a couple may be the ultimate goal on February 14, with that comes the pressure to plan a perfect date night. In a city like New York, the possibilities for grand gestures are endless. Helicopter rides, Michelin-starred meals and Broadway shows are ours for the taking, but in such a crowded city, some sweet alone time in a dark, romantic speakeasy may just be unrivaled. 

Lucinda Sterling of Middle Branch (a classy cocktail bar tucked away in Murray Hill, of all places) created a kind of love potion perfect for such an occasion. “Valentine’s Day is the best way to make time with your honey unforgettable. This cocktail is a unique blend of fruity notes and herbal essences of thyme, anise and fennel all combined to stimulate the senses,” she says. Bonus: both pomegranate and honey are rumored to be aphrodisiacs. 

1 oz. Patrón Silver
½ oz. Lemon
¼ oz. Pomegranate syrup
¼ oz . Honey
Fresh thyme
2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

Shake ingredients with ice and double strain into a coupe or champagne glass. absinthe spritz, champagne or Prosecco float. Garnish with fresh thyme.