Gadget DuJour : A Fancier iPhone

by Natasha Wolff | May 22, 2013 12:00 am

There’s a thin line between a statement-making iPhone case and an obnoxious monstrosity encrusted in gems and diamonds. Luckily, we’ve stumbled upon a happy medium. Model and entrepreneur Lily Kwong[1] has teamed up with Cellairis[2], a mobile accessory company, to create a super-chic collection of luxury iPhone and iPad cases[3].

The “LK Collection” features iPhone 5 “bracelets”—made of 18-carat gold, white gold, red leather or Swarovski crystals—that snap around the perimeter of the phone. They’re available on their own, or paired with gorgeous calfskin, ostrich and pony-hair covers.

To round out the line, Kwong also has iPad sleeves that could easily double as a cute evening bag. The bags have gold hardware and come in two styles: a black pony hair clutch[4] with teal suede lining; and a chocolate brown and off-white polka dot pony hair clutch[5] with red suede lining (pictured).

Prices range from $169 for an iPhone “bracelet” to $799 for an iPad sleeve. The entire collection is available at[6].

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