Fly an Airline That’s 100 Percent Business Class

by Natasha Wolff | November 5, 2015 10:08 am

Imagine a flight that knocks out all coach and first class seating, leaving room only for business class tickets. That’s exactly the basis of La Compagnie, which serves daily flights from the Newark, New Jersey airport to London’s Luton and Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airports. 74 lie-flat seats fill out 19 rows on its Boeing 757-200 aircrafts, and it provides unique in-flight entertainment options via personal Samsung Galaxy Pro tablets, Caudalie travel kits and a menu created by famed French chef Christophe Langrée.

Below, La Compagnie’s CEO Frantz Yvelin reveals his secrets to flying in style[1].

How often do you fly for work and for leisure?
For work, I fly as a passenger on La Compagnie[2] about two times a month, and for leisure about two-three times a year. As a pilot, I also enjoy flying for my own pleasure and usually fly small single engine airplanes about once every two months.

What is your favorite destination?
New York, of course! For leisure, I also adore California—San Diego in particular.

Do you have a favorite seat while flying?
When I am flying on La Compagnie, I usually sit in the last row, which allows me to better see what is happening in the entire airplane.

What’s your secret airport ritual?
Buying plenty of car magazines. I always try to find one I haven’t read yet.

How do you spend your time at the airport?
I usually intend to spend minimum time at the airport.

What is your favorite airport?
I like a few for separate reasons. London Luton because, to me, it is a real boutique airport: small but beautiful! Among larger airports, I always enjoyed being in Newark Terminal B because I feel like at home out there. I also enjoy Zurich ZRH, Dubai DXB and Madrid MAD.

What is your least favorite airport?
As many other NYC airport users, LaGuardia is my least favorite. The location is great, but the airport itself definitely needs the refresh. I was happy to hear that the airport will be moving forward with its renovation, so I’m very much looking forward to that.

What are your pre- and post-flight routines?
Pre-flight: Packing my bag (I still usually take too many things…) and having a coffee. Post-flight: Hanging my shirts as fast as I can.  

What is your favorite thing to eat and drink in-flight?
Alcoholic drink: Champagne[3]

Non-alcoholic drink: Diet Coke or apple juice

Eat: I like sweets (a bit too much) and I have to say I am big fan of Haribo. On La Compagnie, we offer them to our passengers during their journey.

What leisure activities do you enjoy while in-flight?
I am a movie addict and I enjoy watching as much movies as I can over a daytime flight. I’ll sleep on a nighttime or red eye flight.

What’s your signature travel ensemble?
Blue jeans and a light sweater.

If you had $20 to spend at a newsstand, what would you buy?
A fridge magnet for my mom, a souvenir for my girlfriend, a car magazine for me.

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