Shed Pounds With This Fat-Based Diet

by Natasha Wolff | April 5, 2018 11:00 am

Founded by executive chef Tricia Williams, Food Matters NYC[1] has been the ultimate health-conscious food subscription service among celebrities and entrepreneurs for almost 10 years. Williams specializes in helping dieters adopt forward-thinking trends, from paleo to plant-based regimens. And while diets are traditionally about taking out, according to Williams, the latest trend insists on adding in fat.

The keto diet, as it’s called, subscribes to the theory that you “eat fat to lose fat,” Williams explains. In practice, that breaks down to 70 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 10 percent carbohydrates. Williams says that the demand for the keto diet has increased across the industry, and it’s not reserved for the celebrity set; also the founder and CEO of the relatively affordable food service Daily Dose, Williams has developed high-fat diet plans for those on lean budgets as well.

“Some people make it a lifestyle, but others do it to promote their bodies to an advanced stage of fat loss,” Williams says of the versatile keto diet, named for the process known as ketosis, or fat-burning, which takes effect after four days. “It’s interesting—women often transition out of it into a more paleo style of eating, while men seem to thrive staying on it.”

In each of its delivery programs, Food Matters NYC offers individualized menus based on lifestyle, adding to this holistic approach through partnerships such as one with WellNEST, the members-only network of holistic practitioners. “We don’t use gluten, dairy, refined grain or sugar.” Simply put: it’s a categorically clean way of eating, emphasizing all organic food, pasture-raise meat and wild-caught seafood. “We’re really particular about sourcing,” she says.

Though it’s tempting to derive our fat from dairy, Williams warns of its tendency to disrupt digestion and cause bloating. “We cook with a lot of animal fats—duck, chicken—and use darker meat, lots of avocado, coconut oil and MCT oil; we try to use really healthy fats. Our clients feel so full from the fats they don’t really even cheat.” As an example, she cites her “Fat Bomb” truffle, a popular recipe in the keto movement that’s composed of raw cacao, almond butter and coconut milk. One bite makes you feel like you’ve downed an entire slice of Milk Bar birthday cake—minus the 500 calories.

If you’re skeptical—because aren’t we all until we’ve tried it firsthand?—Williams vows that the proof is in the pudding. When I ask her if she’s on keto herself, she chuckles. “I am right now. I always do what I take my clients through.”

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