Beyond Wiborg Beach

by Natasha Wolff | June 4, 2013 12:00 am

If you ask Kelly Killoren Bensimon[1] what’s special about the Hamptons, you’ll quickly find out it’s a personal thing. “It’s more than beautiful light, culture, and beaches to me,” the socialite told DuJour. “It’s where I bought my first Jack Russell, raised my children, summered for the past 20 years, and made my best friends.”

In the years since Bensimon’s first visit out East when she was 16, the former model has grown to love the Hamptons for being more than a summer destination for the über rich. “Although the area is rooted in Old Guard tradition, there is a tremendous amount of respect for the locals and those who have worked the land and sea for years,” she said. “It’s that harmony coupled with the beaches and sunset that make the Hamptons an incredible vacation destination.”

Last weekend, Bensimon launched the new edition of photo diary tome In The Spirit of the Hamptons[2] at the Montauk Yacht Club with daughters Sea and Teddy, who sipped Hint Water[3] on the venue’s patio. Before the party, Bensimon took DuJour on a personal tour of her favorite Hamptons hotspots. Read on below for her picks:

Beach: Wiborg[4]

Restaurant: Babette’s[5], J. Nichols Kitchen[6], Nick and Toni’s[7], World Pie[8], Tutto il Giorno, Banzai Burger, Las Brisas, Cyril’s Fish House[9], Clam Bar[10]

Nightlife venue: Ruschmeyers[11]

Dessert: Tates[12] in Southampton

Place to Stay: Maidstone Arms[13], Topping Rose House[14], Montauk Yacht Club[15]

Art gallery: Eric Firestone Gallery[16]

Shops: Monogram Shop[17], Aerin[18], Dylan’s Candy Bar[19], Turpan[20], J. CREW, Ralph Lauren

Equestrian stable: Wolffer Estate Stables[21]

Kid-friendly activity: Mini golf in Montauk, clamming in Amagansett

Outdoor activity: Riding, tennis, golf, surfing


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