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Drink DuJour: The Juan Deere

This green cocktail is anything but ordinary

A list of the most unusual substances on the cocktail menu at Betony—the Michelin-starred home base of mixologist Eamon Rockey—reads like a magic potion. Hemlock, malt vinegar, pipe tobacco and sesame all appear in various recipes, and for cocktail connoisseurs who appreciate Rockey’s deep understanding of the artistry of drink-making, the list is a dream come true.

In The Juan Deere, kefir and pea juice are the uncommon elements which result in an innovative flavor profile and intriguing bright green hue. “The drink highlights two absolutely classic pairings. First, you have fresh green peas with creamy and tangy yogurt, and the other is tequila with vibrant, fresh green flavors and aromas. Both of these combinations are benefited by a touch of smoke and beautiful minerality brought by lava salt,” says Rockey.

As for the story behind the drink’s unique moniker? “When we first shook up the drink, we all liked it so much and remarked how it had aromas of freshly cut grass and the smoke that would be accompanied by one of those classic John Deere tractors. Since the base spirit is from Mexico, we thought it only appropriate to give a nod to the Spanish language by naming it The Juan Deere,” he says.

Get the recipe below.


50 ml Kefir
35 ml Blanco tequila
25 ml Pea juice (from shells)
25 ml Simple syrup
10 ml Lime juice
Tonic water as needed
Mezcal as needed
Black lava salt, blended into a powder as garnish

Combine liquid ingredients in large shaker tin and shake until cold using a large, single piece of freezer temperature ice. Rinse a small wine glass with mezcal. Charge glass with tonic water. Double strain into charged glass. Dust lava salt to cover drink.