UPDATE: Is This the World’s Greatest Christmas Present?

by Natasha Wolff | February 18, 2016 5:30 pm

UPDATE: Teigen recently revealed the doomed fate of her beloved cheese wheel to The Cut[1]. The couple went on vacation and—unaware that the wheel had to be refrigerated—needed to throw it away upon their return. But since their home is currently undergoing gut renovations[2], they wouldn’t have had a fridge to store it in anyway. RIP.

John Legend[3] has proved that the way to Chrissy Teigen[4]‘s heart is definitely through her stomach. The singer gifted his wife (and expectant mom-to-be) with a hollowed out cheese wheel for the holidays, and she couldn’t be happier.

“John got me my lifetime dream for Christmas! A cheese wheel to dump pasta and risotto in for years to come!” Teigen wrote on her Instagram page[5]. “My tableside serving game is bout to be liiiiiit! Heading out to relax with the fam now woohoo!”

Credit: chrissyteigen

Credit: @chrissyteigen

Alongside a snap of the cheese wheel[6] Teigen added, “If you haven’t seen one of these wheels in action oh man, it is a thing a beauty. Hot pasta is tossed around, gently melting the cheese and plated right at your table. It makes me emotional.” 

To all the gift givers out there: It’s time to up your game.

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