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The 7 Summer Musts of John Allan

From skin products to beat-up boots, the men’s grooming entrepreneur tells us his top travel essentials

“Summer has always been about adventure to me. It’s about dreaming, exploration and discovery,” says John Allan, the mastermind behind his eponymous brand of grooming products and guys-only salons. He could be spending time on a lake in Pennsylvania or at his summer home in Shelter Island, but the father of four has several essentials he can’t travel without.

Below, he shares them with DuJour.

 The entertainment:
“I have is a vintage fly rod from my father that got passed down from many generations. It’s got to be 40 years old! I also really like Orvis rods (pictured). I fly fish in Shelter Island down on Hay Beach.” Fly rods, prices vary, Orvis, orvis.com

The tool:
“They’re perfect to throw in my bag if I need to clean up my sideburns or cut my kids’ hair. I could do everything with these clippers.” Oster Clippers, price varies, osterpro.com

The jeans:
“I have a pair of faded dove grey jeans from John Varvatos. They wear so well from day one.” Bowery Jean, $199, John Varvatos, johnvarvatos.com

The boots:
“I bought this pair of boots at Barney’s 12 years ago. I don’t even know who makes them because the label isn’t in them anymore! I’ve been spending summers in Idaho with my family for years, and we sponsor a rodeo out there, so I’ve worn boots in the summertime ever since I was a kid. The best part is I don’t have to get a pedicure.”

The T-shirt:
“I have a case of them. If I have to dress up any more than throwing on a Hanes white T-shirt, I shouldn’t be there in the first place.” Crewneck undershirt, $18.50, Hanes, hanes.com

The grooming products:
“The Sport Shampoo is great because it has conditioner in it which means that’s one less bottle I have to bring with me. In the summer, I love this light scrub for keeping my skin clean and refreshed. The body wash conditions the skin—perfect after being out in the sun.”
Sport Conditioning Shampoo, $17, John Allan’s, barneys.com
Exfoliating Face Cleanser Scrub, $18, John Allan’s, barneys.com
Bodywash Moisturizing Cleansing Gel, $20, John Allan’s, barneys.com

The most essential essential:
“Family is most important. My wife, Marianna is like the light that everyone gravitates to. My kids are between the ages of 11 and 20, so it’s always total chaos at my summer house. And I need it! I find that in chaos, there’s peace.”