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Senior Web Producer Juli Mosoff shares the three things she’s raving about this week

Juli Mosoff
Senior Web Producer
Twitter, Instagram: @julimosoff






The Jeff Koons Exhibition at the Whitney 

There’s no doubt that Jeff Koons is having a moment. He made tons of headlines for his collaboration with Lady Gaga on her last album’s artwork, and it’s impossible to get onto a New York City subway without seeing a poster for his Whitney exhibition, “Jeff Koons: A Retrospective,” making him one of the most talked-about artists this summer. I finally got the chance to check out the 150-piece exhibit—which is spread out over three floors and is a chronological tour through his career thus far—this past weekend and it did not disappoint. I liked learning that some of his first pieces were installations made of cheap inflatables from stores in the East Village, the neighborhood I live in, especially when I compared them to the oversized stainless steel models of balloon animals and figures found in the later galleries. The exhibit, which also features Koons’s sculptures, paintings and even some pornographic photography, is definitely one of the highlights of the art world this summer.

Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, $20 general admission, whitney.org


Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne 

I was given a trio of Jo Malone colognes as a gift recently and though I like all three, the one I tend to spritz on most frequently is the Nectarine Blossom and Honey. I naturally tend to gravitate towards citrus scents, and this one includes notes of clementine, blackcurrant and, of course, nectarine and honey. It’s lighthearted and flirty, but with the right amount of sophistication, so I feel like I can wear it anywhere. The scent lasts for a couple of hours, and I’m thinking of investing in the matching body crème for a layering effect.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne, $120 for 3.4 oz, jomalone.com 


Bose Headphones and a Good Spotify Playlist 

The sound quality of these headphones cannot be beat. They’re comfortable, they have a useful built-in microphone and I’ve already converted a bunch of friends to my camp. I pair them with any of my numerous playlists on Spotify, and I’ve come to look forward to Tuesday mornings when new singles and full-length albums are added to the catalogue. My playlist this week includes Jessie Ware’s new track, another from Jhene Aiko (you know her from Drake’s “From Time”) and the latest single off of Banks’ upcoming album, among others.

Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset, $129.95, bose.com



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