Hebru Brantley’s Guide to Summer in Chicago

by Natasha Wolff | June 18, 2014 10:41 am

Two years ago at Miami’s Art Basel, a painting by Chicago-based artist Hebru Brantley caught the attention of Jay Z; the rapper ended up purchasing the piece for $20,000. Since then, Brantley has been widely regarded as a rising star of the art world, but given his impressive roster of collectors—who now range from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Pritzker family to Nicki Minaj—it seems he has already arrived.

This week, Brantley is set to debut “Parade Day Rain”—a solo exhibition of 40 new works—at the Chicago Cultural Center[1], which means he’ll be spending a bit more time in his native city for the summer. “Everyone is cooped up all year long and summer brings a vibrancy and pulse to the city that’s unlike anything else,” he says.

Click through the gallery for a list of Brantley’s favorite Chicago haunts.



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