24 Hours with Hannah Bronfman

by Natasha Wolff | April 5, 2017 4:30 pm

Hannah Bronfman is getting married in just five weeks and true to her brand, we can assume the wedding will be as ‘Insta-perfect’ as it gets. The DJ and beauty and wellness influencer (the list could go on and on) is indeed planning her and her fiancée Brendan Fallis’ big day. But, take notes: the 29-year-old is simultaneously making strides in her career for both the digital brand she founded in 2014, HBFIT, and for herself, a brand in her own right. Give or take a photo-shoot or two, Bronfman is similar to anyone managing an unwavering hustle while wedding planning (with a side of house-hunting in Long Island, New York).

“That’s [the] thing. I am very relatable,” Bronfman said. “I’ve had HBFIT for three years now, and I’m building this brand and doing meaningful things with it, but that’s exactly it: I’m also going through things that everyone else goes through.” Take the fact that her business model relies on camera time – which includes her ever-growing presence on Instagram – she, like many of us would, has moments of timidity when the camera is turned around. “You wouldn’t think that would be the case, but I am shy,” she said. “That’s also how I learned how much I actually like to be in control.” Although wariness doesn’t stop her from forging ahead, especially when it comes to – ironically – being in front of a camera.

Bronfman recently debuted a video component for her lifestyle platform, HBFIT.TV[1]; she’s continuing with her POPSUGAR video series “Hannahgram[2],”; she still has her ongoing partnership with Adidas Women, which included an exciting commercial[3] debut during last year’s Super Bowl. Yes, you could say it’s been a busy season for Hannah Bronfman. 

So what gives? In the midst of an industry that’s saturated with people who share your dreams and aspirations, how does one break through the mold and climb to the top? “Take your time with it,” she advised. “Growing up in New York, everyone can talk the talk. But unless you can actually execute that thing, it doesn’t mean anything. If that takes a little longer, fine. But I’m all about execution.”

Main Image: Masha Maltsava

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