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by Natasha Wolff | August 22, 2013 12:00 am

The majestic Gstaad Palace[1]—located in the heart of Switzerland’s Bernese Alps—has the air of an ancient Swiss castle. And while it doesn’t quite date back to the 13th century, the hotel does boast a rich 100-year history. Out of Gstaad Palace’s 104 rooms, we were curious to find out: Which room do guests request the most? For the answer, we turned to Reservations Manager Anita Breidenstein.

Most requested room in the hotel:
“At the moment, it is our newly refurbished Double Deluxe Rooms (pictured below), such as room number 221. But we redecorate rooms and suites every off-season—spring and autumn—so the requests consistently change.”

What makes it special:
“It has a wonderful view over the Bernese Alps from the window and balcony. I especially like the warm colors (the composition of different soft red and brown tones) and the brown leather bed. You have a fantastic view both from the sofa and the bed itself.”

Your personal favorite:
“The Deluxe Suite.”

“It has stunning views and balconies both of the village and the beautiful gardens of Gstaad Palace, as well as the mountain panorama. The bathroom, which you reach through the spacious walk-in closet, has its own hammam. The dining area allows guests to have big private dinners in a discreet atmosphere. The big couch is the perfect place to hang out after skiing with a drink or just relax in front of the TV.”

Celebrity guests:
“Gstaad Palace respects the privacy of our guests.”

The rate:
“During the summer season, the rate is 1080 CHF ($1,156), and in the winter, 1290 CHF ($1,381) per night.”

Fun fact:
“Gstaad Palace has been able to accommodate some special guest requests over the years. One returning guest has 20-25 liters of Evian water delivered to her room every day for brushing her teeth and washing her hair. One suite was heightened by 30 centimeters so the short guest had a better view out of his windows.”

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