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Gourmet Delivery?

Skip the supermarket — and the gym — with these 4 easy, delicious options.

Gluten intolerant, carb conscious or too busy to zigzag the Whole Foods aisles? There’s a solution for that. New gourmet food-delivery services in Los Angeles are bringing healthy and balanced meals directly to doorsteps—and wooing A-list clients who love the convenience. With a day’s meals ranging from 1,200 to 1,800 calories, “it’s the simplest way to avoid temptation,” says celebrity personal trainer Paul Lubicz. And with some companies expanding nationwide, these customized meals will soon please discriminating diners all over the U.S.

Service area: L.A., ships nationwide
Best Dish: Ricotta-and-mushroom flatbread
Celebrity Fans: Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum
Pros: Gluten-, dairy- and soy-free diets, with ingredients sourced from nearby farms
Cons: Customer service isn’t always quick.
Price: $46 to $76 a day

Service area: Nationwide
Best Dish: Madras lamb curry
Celebrity Fans: Pink, Sofia Vergara
Pros: Stellar gluten-free cuisine and a program geared toward expecting moms, Fresh Mommy
Cons: The Edge program cuts down the snacks, making it tough on those without willpower.
Price: $47.95 to $64.95 a day

Service area: L.A. and Phoenix
Best Dishes: Eggplant rollatini, chorizo breakfast burrito, French deviled eggs
Celebrity Fans: Kate Beckinsale, Kim Kardashian
Pros: A family-dinner program caters meals for up to five family members.
Cons: Big containers make it hard to pack lunch.
Price: $41.95 to $63.95 a day
Pressed Juicery
Service area: Nationwide
Best Juices: Greens 4, Root 4, Carrot Coconut
Celebrity Fans: Mandy Moore , Nicole Richie
Pros: Great for detoxing and none of that messy juicer cleanup
Cons: Nothing to chew!
Price: $48 to $70 a day

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