Gold Rush

by Kasey Caminiti | June 4, 2014 5:01 pm

A swarm of Bugatti’s, Lamborghini’s[1], Rolls-Royce, McLaren’s and other high-dollar automobiles known as the Gold Rush Rally[2] is currently buzzing its way across the country and is set to descend on the West Village this weekend. The troupe of 85 participants taking part in the sixth annual run kicked off from platinum sponsor Robert Graham’s Las Vegas store last week and will culminate in a grand finale on Saturday, June 7 at Graham’s Bleecker Street store. Before arriving, it will have made stops at Park City, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Washington, DC along the way. Neal Kusnetz, President and Founding Partner of Robert Graham, acknowledges the overlap between Robert Graham customers who have built collections (sometimes in the hundreds) of their shirts and exotic car collectors.

Scenes from the Gold Rush Rally

Scenes from the Gold Rush Rally

The Gold Rush Rally

The Gold Rush Rally Route

The “American eclectic” sensibility that the Robert Graham brand was founded on fuels the rally, both aesthetically with sports cars wrapped in colorfully rich patterns and also thematically with their initiative to raise both awareness and funds for the Taylor Lynn Foundation[3]. The organization is a non-profit that provides children in need with individualized “microGRANTS,” funding that is meant to address each child’s specific concern and inspire grant recipients to eventually give back themselves. Kusnetz who, along with Gold Rush Rally founder Michael Cohen, sits on the board for the non-profit. “Only a small percentage of the money given to most charities actually gets to the individual. What Taylor Lynn does is totally different in that you’re identified with the actual child. It’s a hedge fund mentality. A hedge fund manager is betting on companies to do well, and we do the same,” says Kusnetz. “The rally is a wonderful vehicle—no pun intended—to drive awareness.”

The June 7 finale will feature the cars of this year’s rally, including two Robert Graham-branded McLaren MP4-12C’s. A percentage of the Robert Graham’s store sales will also go to the Taylor Lynn Foundation.

Scenes from the Gold Rush Rally

Scenes from the Gold Rush Rally



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