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Gadget DuJour: The High-Concept Kitchen

Three techy tools every modern home needs—including a $1,000 touch-screen toaster

We’re constantly surrounding ourselves with the “smartest” devices possible—televisions that respond to voice commands, cars that give us directions and even cellphone controlled thermostats. So isn’t it about time we showed our kitchens some love too? Start small, with three high-tech tools that promise to bring unparalleled convenience to your countertop. 


Tea time is getting a major upgrade with this gorgeous glass teapot. The removable stainless steel infuser is the perfect vessel for all of your best loose leaf, bagged or flowering teas, but the real bonus is that you’ll never need to worry about it getting cold—the pot sits on a stainless steel stand that holds a tealight candle to ensure your drink will stay warm for hours.

SmartTea Teapot with Warmer, $125, WMF, Houzz.com


The machine might be branded as “juicer,” but really, it’s so much more. Unlike other machines in the juicer category, this one comes with two stainless steel basket attachments: one that has a finer grid for fresh juices and cocktails, and a second basket with a coarse grid for sauces and smoothies. And thanks to an incredibly quiet motor, you’ll be able to juice in peace.

Infinity Slow Juicer, $278, Krups, TheKrupsStore.com


Before you jump to any conclusions, we’ll clarify: this toaster has no relation to the high-performance car manufacturer. Still, the Bugatti Noun belongs in a “high-performance” category of its own. There are obvious advantages to having glass panels—namely perfectly toasted bread. But the panels actually serve a greater purpose: the glass can reach temperatures as high as 572 degrees in just 80 seconds, which means the toaster can also cook things like meat and vegetables. And in true “smart” gadget fashion, you can control the appliance through a touch-screen display or smartphone app.

Noun toaster, $1,000, Bugatti, casabugatti.com.