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23 Fruit & Veggie Cocktails

Drink your vitamins

Getting that daily dose of fruits and vegetables just got a whole lot easier this summer. Why choose between crunching on carrots or downing a cool daiquiri? You can have your berries and drink them, too! Across the country fruity drinks and veggie cocktails favorites are being shaken and stirred, with ingredients like coconut, celery, strawberries and more making star appearances right there in your glass.

Blend in the goods for a burst of flavor, or leave them for last as a post-sipping snack. Any way you mix it, fruits and veggies are making summer cocktails that much better.

1. COBBLER – Salt Air (Los Angeles)

A citrusy blend breezes in at Salt Air in LA in the Cobbler, a tasty mix of Peychaud’s bitters, hibiscus, Carpano Antica (Italian vermouth), lemon and orange.

Photo provided by Salt Air. Photo by Jakob Layman.

2. GOLDEN GALLEON – Dove’s Luncheonette (Chicago)

Break for a Golden Galleon — made with Marie Brizard Orange Curacao (orange liqueur), lime, egg yolk, mole bitters, house Orgeat (sweet syrup) and El Pelotón de la Muerte Mezcal — at Dove’s Luncheonette in Chicago.

Photo provided by Dove’s Luncheonette.

3. PISCO SOUR – Mochica (San Francisco)

The Pisco Sour is a traditional drink of Peru made of pisco, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and egg whites. Mochica in SF mixes things up with several variations including the passion fruit-flavored Maracuya Sour and the Chicha Sour made with Chicha Morada reduction (made from purple corn).

Photo provided by Mochica.

4. MISSION MARGARITA – Volver (Philadelphia)

Fresh flavors come together in Philadelphia with the Mission Margarita at Volver, made with Milagro Reposado Tequila, fig jam and fresh lime juice.

Photo provided by Volver.

5. DR. JACOBY’S COCONUT – Mission Chinese Food (New York City)

Mission Chinese Food delivers an intriguing dose of spice with Dr. Jacoby’s Coconut. The elixir of scotch, coconut, green tea, pineapple and lime juice finished with a togarashi salt rim is just the thing to battle any heat wave.

Photo provided by Mission Chinese Food.

6. CUCUMBER MARGARITA – Bar Takito (Chicago)

A refreshing way to get the season started, Bar Takito makes a classic drink even better with a Cucumber Margarita — made with Corazon Blanco tequila, Combier (orange liqueur), cucumber, lime and some agave to sweeten the deal.

Photo provided by Bar Takito.

7. VARIOUS COCKTAILS – Indique (Washington D.C.)

With a variety of cocktails, Indique in Washington D.C. brings fresh, savory and sweet options to the table in with garnishes like orange peels, fresh curry leaf, coconut and lime.

Photo provided by Indique.

8. PISCO PUNCH – Sunny Spot (Los Angeles)

Brighten things up at Sunny Spot in LA with a Pisco Punch, bursting with pisco, habanero pineapple shrub, lemon, lime and Angostura bitters.

Photo provided by Sunny Spot.

9. SOL ASYLUM – L’Apicio (New York City)

The Sol Asylum at NYC Italian spot L’Apicio is a delicious blend of Solbeso (a fresh cacao fruit spirit), Greenhook Ginsmiths gin, Amère Nouvelle (bitters), lemon juice and egg white for a bit of frothy texture.

Photo provided by L’Apicio.

Photo provided by L’Apicio.

10. BENGALI GIMLET – Dosa on Fillmore (San Francisco)

At Indian eatery Dosa on Fillmore in SF, experience the Bengali Gimlet — a flavorful combination of Tanqueray Rangpur Gin, curried nectar, lemon juice and fresh lime — for some juicy summertime vibes.

Photo provided by Dosa.

Photo provided by Dosa.

11. EL PAZZO – Koy (Boston)

At Koy is Boston, the El Pazzo (“ crazy” in Italian) cranks up the heat with Thai chili pepper-infused tequila, then cools it down with passionfruit and lime.

Photo provided by Koy in Boston.

12. VARIOUS COCKTAILS – Elysian (Los Angeles)

Creative names and intriguing combinations fill the cocktail menu at Elysian in LA, like the Wise Olde Sage, made with sage, aloe vera, orange bitters, or the Sorutidoggu with miso-infused vodka, lime and grapefruit.

Photo provided by Elysian.

Photo provided by Elysian.

13. IF YOU’RE LUCKY – The Lucky Bee (New York City)

Leave it to The Lucky Bee in NYC to spice things up with a cheeky cocktail named, “If You’re Lucky” — fresh coconut water with clove, star anise and cinnamon-infused rum served in young coconut.

Photo provided by The Lucky Bee.

Photo provided by The Lucky Bee.

14. BLOODY MARY – The Little Door (Los Angeles)

Among their long list of other amazing cocktails, The Little Door in LA serves up a mean Bloody Mary, a morning drink classic with a bracing dose of vegetables to get you going.

Photo provided by The Little Door.

Photo provided by The Little Door.

15. COCONUT – ZZ’s Clam Bar (New York City)

Simply called “Coconut,” ZZ’s Clam Bar in New York shakes up a tropical treat of Trinidadian rum, acacia honey and smoked cinnamon and serves it in a real coconut on ice.

Photo provided by Major Food Group.

Photo provided by Major Food Group.

16. THE HEATER – Gemini Bistro (Chicago)

Take your taste buds on a spicy adventure with The Heater at Gemini Bistro in Chicago, a mix of Milagro tequila, fresh lime, agave and hot serrano pepper.

Photo provided by Gemini Bistro.

17. PHIL KALLINS -Mission Chinese Food (New York City)

A twist on the traditional Tom Collins, the Phil Kallins at Mission Chinese Food in New York is an Asian-inspired riff on a creamy Tom Kha coconut soup and made from gin, coconut, kaffir lime, ginger, fried chilies and sesame oil, and served in a Chinese soup bowl.

Photo provided by Mission Chinese Food.

Photo provided by Mission Chinese Food.

18. THE BIG KAHUNA – Empire (Boston)

Serving four or more,The Big Kahuna at Empire in Boston is the ultimate party drink for a night out with friends, made with Grey Goose, fresh watermelon juice, mint and ginger.

Photo provided by Empire.

Photo provided by Empire.

19. GREYHOUND PROPER – The Hungry Cat (Los Angeles)

A citrusy blend best enjoyed in a stylish spot like LA’s The Hungry Cat, the Greyhound Proper features Plymouth gin and grapefruit, topped off with candied grapefruit.

Photo provided by The Hungry Cat.

Photo provided by The Hungry Cat.

20. VARIOUS COCKTAILS – Bar Ama (Los Angeles)

Latin American spot Bar Ama in Los Angeles offers a variety of cocktails, made with tequila, mezcal and other spirits, that are as fun to look at as they are to drink.

Photo provided by Bar Ama. Photo by Dylan Jeni.

21. THE SCORCHER – The Daisy (New York City)

Heat things up in New York this summer with The Scorcher — a spicy blend of Calle 23 Blanco tequila, blood orange and pomegranate-habanero syrup.

Photo provided by The Daisy.

Photo provided by The Daisy.

22. BEET & THYME PISCO SOUR – Comedor (Boston)

South American spot Comedor in Boston creates an intriguing mix of flavors in its Beet & Thyme Pisco Sour, fresh and full-bodied with a frothy egg white.

Photo provided by Comedor.

23. VARIOUS COCKTAILS – Vernick Food & Drink (Philadelphia)

Offering a classic cocktail menu as well as seasonally rotating creations, Vernick Food & Drink in Philadelphia shakes up several of tasty drinks garnished with orange, grapefruit, lime and more.

Photo provided by Vernick Food & Drink. Photo by Jason Varney.

Photo provided by Vernick Food & Drink. Photo by Jason Varney.


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