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Drink DuJour: La Francese

Cinnamon is the secret ingredient in this whiskey cocktail

Add a little French twist to your post-dinner dessert with a unique cocktail that will definitely warm you up on chilly winter evenings. A balance of sweet and tart, mixologist Cyllan Hicks cleverly created the perfect whiskey drink with a splash of rosemary and cinnamon. 

“I’m always looking for unique liquors to incorporate into my drinks,” says Hicks. “Brenne is a whisky made in France and aged in Cognac barrels. Adding winter spices like cinnamon makes it even better for the season.” 

La Francese is being served at New York City’s Louie and Chan, an Italian restaurant and Asian cocktail lounge hybrid that pays tribute to its diverse Lower East Side neighborhood.

Here’s how it’s created.



2 oz Rosemary infused Brenne Whisky
0.75 oz Fresh lemon juice
1 oz Cinnamon
1 oz Rosemary syrup

Combine all ingredients and serve over the rocks with a rosemary garnish.