Fly Private in a Modern Way

by Natasha Wolff | June 28, 2018 1:30 pm

Getting out of a major city on a Friday afternoon during the summer is the equivalent of trying to swim a 1500m race in dried mud. At least it used to be; enter, the chopper. Rush-hour traffic, which prevents you from arriving at your summer house until half the weekend is gone, is suddenly no longer a cause of anxiety as you blade over the traffic quells and land in mere minutes at your destination, sans road rage.

Patrick Day, CEO of private air charter company Foxtrot[1], says helicopter travel has evolved the way that people vacation these days, allowing customers to seamlessly arrive at their destination without waiting in crowded airport lines, or dealing with rush hour traffic. They make sure the entire experience is safe, and headache-free. “We have our own flight department, we hire and train the pilots, we purchase and lease the aircrafts, and we’re the only company that has that in three markets (New York, Miami, Los Angeles). That’s what makes us so unique.”

Photo credit: Adam Mcie

That, and the white glove treatment and luxury experience that goes along with every ride. “The experience you have in New York is the same experience you have in Miami and Los Angles,” he says. “It’s treating every single customer as if they were our only customer.”

Main photo credit: Kevin Cortes

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