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Form Meets Function: A Modernist Travel Collection

Louis Vuitton finds a muse in the French furniture designer who made practicality a true luxury

Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand

Modernist furniture designer and architect Charlotte Perriand, one of the pioneers of 20th-century functionalism, was a woman of exacting standards. For something to be beautiful in her mind, it not only needed to appeal to the eye but to serve a purpose, and her graphic, modular buildings and interiors for clients like Air France and the League of Nations were a seamless blend of intriguing form and multi-functionality.

Now, Perriand’s legacy and modus operandi has been resurrected through Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2014 “Icons” collection. Conceptualized by Vuitton women’s creative director Julie de Libran, the primary-colored, versatile line of clothing and accessories, from graphic printed dresses to sturdy sunglasses and convertible scarves, pays homage to Perriand’s love for travel, architecture, industrial design and interchangeable parts.

Accessories from the collection, including a $665 pair of Blue Aster Petrol Sunglasses

“The ‘Icons’ collection is designed always thinking of materials, functionality, timelessness, desirability and attention to details, so Charlotte’s approach and her way of life had a natural connection to us,” says de Libran. Though practicality may not always be high on the list when it comes to indulging in luxury, in the case of Perriand’s ideals and Vuitton’s latest collection, it’s nice to see the two meet somewhere in the middle.



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