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The Future of the City Bike

There’s a new commuter bicycle in town come this fall—and it’s not blue

What if we told you that inside this retro-looking bicycle, fitted with handmade wooden fenders, is a battery…and a motor? Yep, it’s electric, and you can start the Faraday Porteur’s motor by simply pedaling. Charging the bike is as easy as riding it—just plug it into a standard outlet and you’ll have full battery in two hours.

Faraday Bicycles CEO Adam Vollmer says the bike was specifically designed with commuters in mind. “You don’t want to show up to work wrapped in spandex or covered in sweat,” he says. “But because there’s a motor, instead of going 10 miles per hour, you can go 25 miles per hour. It’s exhilarating. It’s like being a witch on a broomstick.”

Faraday Porteur electric-propelled utility bicycle, $3,800, FARADAY BICYCLES, faradaybikes.com. Available for pre-order with delivery in the fall.