Gourmet Goodies to Add to Your Shopping List

by Natasha Wolff | July 8, 2015 12:28 pm

Brown Label Dense, Sweet Balsamic Vinegar
Born in Modena, Italy, ReModena uses modern technology to preserve family recipes of its uniquely dense balsamic vinegars. The Brown Label version is seriously creamy and has a sweet, warm aroma. Drizzle it over vanilla ice cream and fresh berries to add the perfect finish to your dessert.

$25, REMODENA, gordon-gourmet.com[1] 

Waffle Shot
Change the way you drink espresso with the chocolate-coated waffle shot from the LA-based granita bar Zia Valentina. The waffle cone baked in the form of an espresso cup gets coated with either white or milk chocolate to create a perfect mocha flavor. Find it in luxury cafes and hotels, or order a dozen to sip on at home. 

$45, ZIA VALENTINA, ziavalentina.com[2] 

Tipsy Fiery Olives
Cocktail fanatics will be dying to get their hands on the now very popular trend of colossal hand-stuffed olives that get bathed in a variety of spirits from vodka to vermouth. The Tipsy Fiery variety are infused with vodka and stuffed with hot Turkish pepper to add a spicy kick. They’re the perfect martini garnish—or just a great snack.

$8, SABLE & ROSENFELD, sableandrosenfeld.com[3]

White Truffle Olive Oil Caviaroli
The newest and most luxurious way to add a finishing touch to your meals is with Caviaroli’s olive oil caviar. The various flavored oils—from white truffle to rosemary to chili—are encapsulated in a caviar-like sphere. Use them to accompany pasta dishes, foie gras or seafood. 

$19, CAVIAROLI, gordon-gourmet.com[4]

Jar Bar
Achieve a balanced drink with handcrafted Southern cocktail mixers produced in Charleston, South Carolina. Using the finest, premium ingredients, Bittermilk creates mixers for a variety of classic, Southern-inspired cocktails. The Jar Bar set features all six of its flavors, including a Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour, Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned and New Orleans Style Old-Fashioned Rouge.

$105, BITTERMILK, bittermilk.com[5]

Organic Floral Bee Bars Set
Rococo’s premium dark chocolate bars of London get infused with perfume-grade essential oils and fragrances for a one-of-a-kind chocolate experience. Flavors of rose, jasmine and violet complement the dark chocolate taste without being overbearing. The high-end feel even gets carried over into the watercolor wrappers, which the brand’s founder paints himself. 

$7.50, ROCOCO CHOCOLATES, rococochocolates.com[6]

Blood Orange Infused Rainbow Trout Caviar
Fine caviar connoisseurs can enjoy the true delicacy of freshwater caviar with Sunburst Trout. The unique Blood Orange Infused version of the award-winning caviar contains a bright aroma and finishes with notes of citrus.

$62, SUNBURST TROUT FARMS, sunbursttrout.com[7]

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