Room Request! Dukes Hotel

by Natasha Wolff | August 15, 2013 12:00 am

There’s something effortlessly charming about London’s Dukes Hotel. With a classic red brick façade dripping in ivy, the St. James property is tucked away in a tranquil courtyard. But the hotel isn’t exactly a well-kept secret: It’s rumored that Princess Diana used to seek refuge there to enjoy afternoon tea. Non-royals frequent Dukes too, of course—and which room do guests most often request? We asked Debrah Dhugga, the hotel’s General Manager, for the inside scoop.

Most requested room in the hotel:
“The Dukes of Clarence Suite, also known as The Penthouse, is situated on the top floor. It is 700 square feet but can be connected to a classic double guest room to create a two-bedroom suite measuring nearly 900 square feet.”

What makes it special:
“It is the largest and most striking room in the hotel. The Penthouse has its own lounge and dining area, and a private balcony overlooking Green Park including a real suntrap. The bathroom is made with black marble, and the room’s interior—by famed British designer Shaun Clarkson—is a classic elegant English style loved by American guests.”

Your personal favorite:
“I prefer smaller, more intimate rooms whereas the Clarence Suite is quite expansive and perfect for guests seeking very spacious accommodations. I adore our Duchesses rooms—Dukes has 15 in total.”

“These rooms are specifically catered to female travelers with ‘feminine touches,’ including softer, warmer tones, a personal welcome card from me; personal escort, room service and housekeeping by female staff members; a makeup mirror, hair dryer and styling accessories at the dressing table; and other amenities.”

Celebrity guests:
“We have had many famous guests in that bed, but we respect the privacy of all our high-profile clients. We never share names as Dukes is a hidden gem and an idyllic getaway for many celebrities seeking privacy.”

The rate:
“£2500 per night for The Dukes of Clarence Suite (approximately $3,900 USD).”

Fun fact:
“Dukes Bar has been an iconic and renowned destination for the world’s most exquisite martinis with an equally impressive selection of classic and original cocktails. It is where James Bond creator Ian Fleming is said to have created the now-famous ‘shaken, not stirred’ line. The Bar continues to be one of London’s most sophisticated and prestigious cocktail lounges, overseen by longtime Bar Manager and esteemed mixologist Alessandro Palazzi.”


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