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Drink DuJour: Working From Home Cocktail

Boost your spirits during quarantine with a boozy coffee concoction from Don Papa Rum

Right now, we’re experiencing all of the trials and tribulations of self-isolation mode at home due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Most of us are either sprawled out on the couch, propped up with pillows in bed, or sitting at the kitchen counter surrounded by our open laptops and workday essentials, plus a cup o’ joe within reach. When it’s time to log into Zoom for a virtual happy hour (or brunch!) with your colleagues and pals, perhaps you’ll want to swap the java for something a little more spirited (wink wink). Enter the Working From Home cocktail—an aromatic cocktail blend courtesy of Don Papa Rum. It’s basically happiness in a glass.

Thought up by Don Papa ambassador and NYC mixologist Ben Rojo, in between fixing a cup of French press and binging Netflix, Working From Home uses a few simple ingredients found in your pantry. The coffee, explains Rojas, provides structure and highlights the rich molasses and American oak notes in the rum, while the maple syrup offers a dark, gentle sweetness to mellow the backbone of the brew. With cinnamon and cocoa offering warmth and spice, a pinch of salt, and a splash of coconut milk for a luscious texture, the libation is ready for social distancing debut.

Slide into some WFH clothes, turn up the tunes, and begin mixing up your new go-to quarantine beverage using the recipe below.

2 oz Don Papa Rum
2 oz leftover coffee
0.5 oz maple syrup
Pinch of cinnamon powder
Pinch of cocoa powder
Pinch of salt

Preparation: Combine all ingredients in your glass of choice. To enjoy cold, add a few cubes of ice and stir. Otherwise, nuke for a minute or so, then add a splash of coconut milk.