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Drink DuJour: The Watermelon Daiquiri

This fruity cocktail should be a staple in your summer drink repertoire

In honor of National Daiquiri Day (yes, that’s a thing) this Saturday, we’re whipping out a new, innovative recipe for the classic summer cocktail. But before grabbing your glass, let’s talk about rum. 

A tried-and-true Daiquiri starts with white rum—the more pure and distilled the variety, the better your cocktail will taste. For this drink, we’ll be using Caliche rum, the newest addition to the Serrallés brand, which has been distilled five times.

“To make the most authentic Daiquiri, what you use for your white rum base is very important,” explains Esteban Ordonez, creator of the Caliche Watermelon Daiquiri recipe and owner of NYC-based Burning Waters Cantina. “To stray from the traditionally syrupy sweet drinks that are made to cut the bite of an unrefined rum, we like to keep it simple and delicious, using top quality ingredients.”

Tempted to try it, yet? Here’s what you’ll need.


Watermelon Daiquiri

2 oz Caliche Rum
3/4  oz St-Germain Liqueur
3/4 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
4 watermelon chunks

Muddle watermelon in a cocktail shaker.  Add additional ingredients and shake with ice. Fine strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with a watermelon wedge.



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