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Drink DuJour : The Coconut Water Cocktail

We almost don’t care how counter intuitive this sounds. Here’s how to make it

In our never-ending search for the perfect cocktail, we set our sights this week on something ingenious—a delicious drink as refreshing as it is intoxicating. In honor of the weekend’s New York City Marathon, enter the Brush and Tone.

The coconut water-based cocktail from Stone Rose Lounge promises to keep your body in working order—this goes for the spectators, too. Situated on the fourth floor of the Time Warner Center, the whiskey hotspot’s close proximity to the finish line and sweeping views of Columbus Circle and Central Park make it a prime viewing location for those looking for a hydrating libation while watching the race, or for those who just want to escape the inevitable crowd of onlookers outside.

Here’s how to make the Brush and Tone yourself this weekend.


Brush and Tone

2 cucumber wheels
1 lemon wedge
1/2 ounce Simple Syrup
Fresh Ginger
3/4 ounce coconut water
1/2 ounce egg white
1 1/2 ounces Crop Vodka

Combine ingredients in a shaker. Serve on the rocks and garnish with grated nutmeg. Try with Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger Powder for an even better taste.



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