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Drink DuJour: The Aristocrat at Primrose Las Vegas

Cognac and Calvados collide in this rich, spirited cool weather cocktail

As temperatures drop, reasons to seek comfort in spirits like Cognac and Calvados rise; the two rarely meet as separate branches of the brandy family tree, but at Primrose inside the Park MGM Las Vegas there is an unlikely harmony created between the two French exports in a cocktail that begs to be sipped all fall and winter long.

The caliber of cocktails at Primrose comes as no surprise…it’s par for the course given the legacy of the bar’s predecessors under Sydell Group, which properties such as the NoMad, the Line, The Ned, and Freehand hotels all call home. And if there’s one common thread that ties each property together, it’s the elevated taste and attention to detail woven throughout every space and its respective menus andPrimrose, in all its whimsical glory, is no exception. Here, we walk you through the build of one of the bar’s most regal cocktails: The Aristocrat.

.75 oz. Cognac
.75 oz. Calvados
.75 oz. Lillet Blanc
.75 oz. Benedictine
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Apple slice
Grated nutmeg

Preparation: Add all ingredients into mixing glass with ice and stir. Strain into a large coupe and garnish with apple slice. Squeeze lemon over the apple slice and grate nutmeg on top. Poke a plume (feather-like flower) through apple, place in cocktail, and serve.

Main image credit: Patrick Michael Chin