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Drink DuJour : The After-Dinner Cocktail

Seasonal notes of apples, raisins and nutmeg combine for the perfect end-of-evening concoction

“The New York Harvest is something of a hybrid cocktail,” Rene Hidalgo, bar manager at Lantern’s Keep in The Iroquois New York Hotel, says. “The combination of apples, raisin notes from the sherry, nutmeg and a rich creamy texture remind the imbiber of baking spices and pair well with the season.”

What could be better for fall? The cocktail’s mix of bourbon and Applejack certainly conjures notes of autumn, but even more specifically Hidalgo says it should be savored as your last drink of the day.

“Although the New York Harvest could very well be enjoyed at anytime,” he advises, “its richness lends itself well as an after-dinner drink, or at the end of an evening.”


The New York Harvest

1 oz. bourbon
1 oz. bonded Applejack
.75 oz. fresh lemon juice
.75 oz. simple syrup
1 Egg White

Combine ingredients in a mixing tin with ice.  Shake vigorously.  Strain over ice in a rocks glass.  Garnish with freshly ground nutmeg.



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