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Drink DuJour: Tea Thyme

Happy hour and teatime combined

Abajo at Añejo—a grotto cocktail lounge that masters a fusion between Mexican cuisine and New York City street-food—sits just below Top Chef Angelo Sosa’s trendy Tribeca tequila bar, Añejo. While dining on specialty late night bites like guacamole and gyro tacos, guests can sip on this calorie-conscious cocktail made with a refreshing mix of matcha tea and gin. 

“There are a lot of matcha enthusiasts out there who would find any excuse to partake,” explains mixologist Will Aporih. “Tea Thyme is made with gin and I find that gin drinkers tend to have a great appreciation for botanicals. The marriage of the two seems perfect. For others, the ingredients are exotic enough to satisfy the urge for an adventure without having to leave the island, so to speak.”


2 oz. Bulldog Gin
1½ oz. Matcha tea
¾ oz. Thyme syrup
3¼ oz. Lime juice
Top with Club Soda 

Build in a tin with cube ice. Stir and strain into a speakeasy glass. Top with club soda and garnish with thyme.