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Drink DuJour: Scarpetta NYC’s Sgroppino

Savor the last weeks of summer with a frozen cocktail in hand from Scarpetta’s Instagrammable Outdoor Garden Cafe

Labor Day weekend is upon us, but the season isn’t officially over yet—at least not for a couple more weeks. If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to soak up the warm weather vibes any way you can through September—and perhaps even into October. The Sgroppino cocktail from hip Italian hotspot Scarpetta will quench your thirst for an endless summer. Whether you plan to sip this chilled beverage under the floral archway and hanging lights at the New York City restaurant’s Outdoor Garden Cafe by Whispering Angel, or in your backyard at home while listening to the latest bops, your palate will be transported to the Mediterranean.

Light and refreshing, the Sgroppino boasts a scoop of vodka infused lemon sorbet in prosecco. Not only is it the perfect aperitivo or dessert libation, but it also serves as a pallet cleanser between meals. Not to mention it’s really photogenic.


“We wanted to give our guests a drink that was reminiscent of Europe in the summertime and decided to serve them in a scooped out lemon for a little extra visual,” says Scarpetta Founder and President John Meadow.

Create your own super cute version using the recipe below.

2 cups of lemon sorbet
3 oz prosecco
2 oz chilled vodka
Mint for garnish

Preparation: Combine the lemon sorbet, prosecco and chilled vodka into a blender. Blend until smooth. Serve in a chilled wine glass or coupe, garnish with mint. For extra festivities, hollow out a lemon and use it as a vessel.

Tip: Look for a milkshake-like consistency when mixing.