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Drink DuJour: Rosewood Baha Mar’s Sky Juice

Get a sip of summer with this creamy coconut cocktail straight from the Bahamas

With heat at an all-time high and those midsummer vacations pushed further into our pasts, there’s nothing quite like a beach getaway to revitalize the spirits with just one more sweet month of summer left to go. So, when a cocktail straight from Rosewood Baha Mar’s poolside bar in the Bahamas finds its way to considerably less tropical locales, you’ll hear no complaints from us.

Equal parts condensed milk and gin up the ante on creaminess with a tinge of juniper; a hearty amount of fresh coconut water and garnish is sure to cool down anyone under the hot summer sun. For more of a kick, try topping the cocktail off with a sprinkle of roasted nutmeg coconut flakes, which will definitely turn up the heat. Serve in an old-fashioned glass over an ice ball. While summer may be wrapping up, those tropical beach days don’t have to feel quite so far away, after all.

1 oz. Plymouth Gin
1 oz. Condensed Milk
2.5 oz. Coconut Water

Preparation: Using a fresh coconut, slice the coconut apart to get the water out. Combine all ingredients, place into a blender, fine strain into a 375ml bottle; pour ingredients over ice ball into Old Fashioned glass. Top with Roasted Nutmeg Coconut flakes.