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Drink DuJour: Purple Tuxedo

An opulent take on the classic tuxedo cocktail will transport you to a different era

Located on the 26th floor of New York City’s Beekman Tower, Ophelia is an enchanting cocktail lounge that is sure to cast a spell on you. Taking a cue from its namesake, the suggestive and shape-shifting heroine from Hamlet, Ophelia blends breathtaking panoramic views of modern-day New York City with the nostalgic details of its art-deco décor. From the romantic lighting to the velvet-covered seating and retro checkered floors, Ophelia transports guests to another era—one of opulence and desire, as illustrated by our Drink DuJour, Ophelia’s Purple Tuxedo cocktail.

Created by head bartender Amir Babayoff specifically for Ophelia, this photogenic cocktail tastes as good as it looks, offering a colorful spin on the classic tuxedo cocktail. Of his inspiration, Babayoff says, “The tuxedo was a classic 1920s martini and some claim the predecessor of THE Martini. I wanted to appeal to the same audience while keeping some of the integrity and originality of the drink, yet trendy enough for the 21st century.”

The drink gets its purple tint from butterfly pea flower-infused gin, with gold flakes sprinkled in for added ’20s glamour. See below for the complete recipe.

2oz Empress 1908 gin
0.5oz Brennivin
0.5oz Velvet Falernum
0.5 white vermouth
Dash of plum bitters

Preparation: Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass, add a dash of edible gold flakes and fill 3/4 with ice. Stir thoroughly and then pour into a coup or any vintage cocktail glass.