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Drink DuJour: Patent Pending’s Odd Love

Warm up with this deep, complex, and very boozy winter sip from New York City’s Patent Pending

Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood has earned its stripes over the past few years as a bona fide cocktail destination across the East Coast, and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Neighborhood newcomer Patent Pending is living proof––located behind an unassuming coffee and pastry counter inside the Radio Wave Building on 27th Street, this dimly lit, jewel-toned intimate cocktail den is abuzz every night with potential patrons hovering near the entrance hoping for a seat. And time and time again, this NoMad secret proves to be worth the wait.

While the cocktail boom in the neighborhood has fueled both many a business venture and imbiber’s escape, it begs the question: is over-saturation on the horizon? Patent Pending (at the very least) is here to stay, according to General Manager Nick Ruiz. “We take a classical approach to our cocktails,” he shares with DuJour. “We don’t try to do anything too sensationalistic. We’re about quality ingredients and interesting or new ways of combining them; we’re not trying to be a one hit wonder and get that Instagram photo. We want you coming back because that drink is your favorite here in New York.”

Ruiz has a point, and by all means, it’s worth a visit to decide for yourself. But until then, take a stab at the bar’s Odd Love cocktail at home using the bar’s own original recipe below. Happy stirring!

1.5 oz Rittenhouse Rye
.5 oz Spanish brandy
1 dash Angostura Bitters
1 dash Absinthe
6 dashes Nux Alpina Walnut Liqueur
.25 oz Cold brew syrup (store bought; can be found on Amazon or at Williams Sonoma)
.25 oz Cherry Heering
Luxardo Maraschino cherry (garnish)

Preparation: Add all ingredients to a mixing glass, add ice and stir for 25 to 30 seconds. Taste for proper dilution and strain into large rocks glass over 2 inch cube. Garnish with cherry and serve.