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Drink DuJour: Orange Mango Slushie

Mix this viral slushie made with Two Robbers Hard Seltzer

From TikTok’s Whipped Coffee to Pancake (or chocolate chip cookie) Cereal, the viral culinary trends taking over the internet lately are all delicious and visually-pleasing. The latest TikTok trend is one created for adults only. The hard seltzer slushie looks refreshing, spirited, and tasty. We love the Orange Mango Slushie made with Two Robbers Hard Seltzer.

Basically, you mix the fruit-focused Orange Mango Hard Seltzer with plenty of ice, frozen fruit, and blend into a slushie consistency. Doesn’t get easier than that, and you will have the prettiest cocktail to add to your Instagram story. If the week has been especially trying, we suggest adding a bonus shot (or two) of tequila into your blender. Enjoy the weekend.

See below for a video demonstration on how to create the Orange Mango Slushie.

1-2 cups of frozen fruit (in this case mango)
1-2 cups of ice
2 cans of Two Robbers Orange Mango
1-2 shots of tequila (optional)
Honey or agave to desired level of sweetness

Preparation: Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend until you reach a smoothie consistency. Garnish and enjoy!