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Drink DuJour: Mother’s Day Sangria

Celebrate your mom with the best brunch vibes and a peachy-keen sangria

It’s no shock that Mother’s Day brunch has become an institution in today’s societal traditions. The notion of breakfast-in-bed–while cute and cozy–is dwindling. Spending the day with your leading lady now means enjoying a day out while diving into gourmet specialties and day-time libations. Whether you’re Italian or not, Baker & Co. in New York City’s West Village is the perfect spot for a Mother’s Day brunch. This charming establishment is filled with family facetime, tasty cuisine and your Mom’s new favorite cocktail: Baker’s Sangria.

While Baker’s Sangria packs a spirited punch, it’s as refreshing as they come. It’s a unique rendition of the tried and true classic concoction, just as most of the drinks at Baker & Co. prove to be. Seriously, there’s a whole roster of vermouth-and-beer combo cocktails to sample. Starting with Baker’s draft white wine and finishing with fizzy prosecco and seasonal fruit might seem like a typical sangria recipe, but the exclamation point of flavor comes from the fresh peach and orange-infused Cocchi Americano white vermouth added–an essential “secret” ingredient according to the Baker & Co. brunch menu.

Pair this ray of sunshine (yes, it’s actually yellow) with the eggs benedict made with smoked salmon and truffled honey while cozying up in Baker’s outdoor garden to bring Mom the full stomach and full heart she deserves. And of course, don’t let her sip on her sangria without handing over her gifts first. See below for the full recipe.

4oz Baker’s Draft white wine
2oz Fresh peach and orange-infused Cocchi Americano white vermouth
Prosecco top-off
Seasonal fruit

Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a large stem glass with ice and top off with prosecco. Add fresh seasonal fruit.