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Drink DuJour: Moët Ice Cold

Celebrate the bubbly way with the latest in experiential cocktails at The Surf Lodge in the Hamptons

As summer cools down, so do our beverages. While champagne, the beloved drink of choice for the elite, may seem best served chilled, the champagne purveyors over at Moët & Chandon have caught on to the on-the-rocks approach adopted by many contemporary bartenders. The team behind the fine winery has gone on to develop Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial, the first champagne meant to be served over ice, as well as a sister rosé champagne to boot.

Taking the queue of the great champagne producers, the bartenders at The Surf Lodge in Montauk decided to opt out of the complex, endless mixology possibilities, and remember that less is more when it comes to quality ingredients. The five-ingredient Moët Ice Imperial, a refreshing concoction emphasizing the essence of the bubbly elixir, is best served following a long day at the beach and over one of the Surf Lodge’s famed and locally-sourced meals in their open-air garden. But, it works just as well for Labor Day bashes and at-home entertaining.

The beverage may just be Long Island’s drink of choice for the moment, and with good reason. Featuring the new champagne and half an ounce of elderflower liqueur proves that opting for simplicity showcases the quality of the components. While the elderflower liqueur offers a hint of summery freshness, Angostura bitters enhance and add body to embolden the cocktail. Throw the grapefruit wheel and mint tendril into the wine glass, and the cool and dry mixture is ready to help you both unwind and wind down the summer.

.5 oz Moët Ice Imperial
.5 oz Elderflower liqueur
4 dashes of Angostura bitters
Grapefruit half wheel
Mint sprig

Preparation: Add ice to a wine glass and build cocktail in glass.