Drink DuJour: Lillet Spritz

by Natasha Wolff | June 12, 2020 4:00 pm

A chilled glass of rosé[1] is an obvious choice for a summertime drink. Who doesn’t love a glass of Whispering Angel[2] while soaking up the rays on a rooftop or back patio? But, we think you deserves something extra as your drink of choice this summer. Whether you’re mixing cocktails for a summer soirée or a simple backyard happy hour with your partner, the Lillet Spritz[3] is an excellent choice.

Lillet Rosé is a rosé-wine based aperitif from France made from a blend of Bordeaux grapes and macerated fruit liqueurs. You get the floral flavor of rosé with a bit more freedom to get creative. Mix with tonic water or club soda to add a little fizz and top with your choice of fruits. We love adding strawberries and cucumbers for aesthetic value and to enhance the drink’s flavor profile. For an even boozier drink because let’s face it, 2020 has been tough so far, add a shot of white rum to amplify your evening’s happy hour.

See below for the simple cocktail recipe to mix a perfect Lillet Spritz.

Lillet Spritz

3 oz. Lillet Rosé[4]
3 oz. tonic water

Preparation: Build over large ice cubes in a tall wine glass and garnish with cucumber, mint, and strawberry.

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